For the first time in history of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Israel, we are holding a gala-ceremony of awarding outstanding Israelis and Ukrainians who have made a significant contribution to the development of cooperation and partnership, as well as to improving friendly assistance, support and strengthening lasting relationships between our nations.

We have a large number of successfully implemented and newly launched projects in various fields for the last 30 years of friendship and cooperation. These are social, economic, trade, scientific, educational, technological, humanitarian and cultural projects. Still, there has never been a special event that would present the results of cooperation. We do not have such a day when we can honor people who strengthen international relationships, create changings and moved us closer to the future through their daily work.  But everything has changed. The 30th anniversary of diplomatic relationships between Ukraine and Israel has become an essential starting point in creating such a project.

We have to know all the people who stand for positive changings, fast moving development and quality knowledge-sharing in various areas of interaction between our countries. Politicians, diplomats, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, artists, public figures and volunteers. These are Ukrainians and Israelis, whose personal dream has become a lifework and serving others has become an example to many people.



The award "TOP-30 Ukrainian-Israeli Changemakers" is a recognition of the highest personal achievements in professional, social and business spheres. People with extraordinary skills, talents, charisma, and outstanding leadership qualities have to be known to others. At the same time, it is a recognition of the significant contribution to the economic, scientific, educational development of Ukraine and Israel, to the establishment of cultural dialogue, the creation of joint art projects, as well as the support of important international and public charitable activities.



The ceremony is created to celebrate accomplishments and motivate people to participate actively in the processes which are taking place between our countries. The main mission is to encourage everyone to take a pro-active position in the development of Ukrainian-Israeli relationships at the state and personal level.
The award ceremony unites real leaders and ambassadors of Ukraine and Israel. It is about highly-professional people who have business talents, creative energy and wisdom. They set a vector of development and strengthen the recognition and authority of our countries on the world stage.

The award ceremony has an influence on the processes of strengthening and improving Ukrainian-Israeli relationships. It is a moment of formation of a strong international elite that promotes further social and economic development of both countries. This is a great contribution to the revival of spiritual and universal human values, consolidation of progressive possibilities of our societies.



The ceremony includes such spheres of international cooperation as politics, diplomacy, business, cultural and artistic spheres, public and charitable activities.
The Organizing Committee is the only principal body in deciding on the nominations and winners of the Ceremony.

The Organizing Committee of the Ceremony is formed from the most authoritative and influential statesmen and public figures of Ukraine and Israel, as well as leading specialists in specific professional fields, whose competence, experience and intellectual potential allow to assess objectively a role of the individual in Ukrainian-Israeli relationships for the last 30 years.

The Organizing Committee determines the winners of the Ceremony in all nominations by secret ballot. 2/3 of the total number of members of the Organizing Committee from both countries represents a quorum for decision-making by secret ballot in all approved nominations. The jury of the organizing committee is not disclosed in order to achieve maximum objectivity and preserve the secrecy of the voting.



All interested Ukrainians and Israelis have the right to submit their own application or nominate another candidate. You can apply for participation by contacting the Organizing Committee by e-mail: 01/12/ 2021 is the last day when applications are accepted.