Ukrainian-Israeli Innovation Summit 2022. Warsaw

We are pleased to announce the start of preparations for the Ukrainian Israeli Innovation Summit 2022, which will be held on December 14 in Warsaw.

Our choice to hold this year's conference in Poland is not only about security issues. We are expanding the pool of participants, bringing European businesses and investors to the event, consolidating our efforts to help Ukraine!

Polish Ukrainian Israeli Tech Event 2022 will become a platform for open dialogue and exchange of expert opinions on the elaboration of a long-term development strategy for Ukraine based on Israel's unique technological experience. We will study the Israeli example of dynamic security systems, the issue of rapid recovery, rehabilitation, sustainable development in the conditions of a military conflict, and comprehensively consider the possibilities of adaptation and implementation of similar technologies in Ukrainian realities.

This year we will focus on the following topics:
● How Ukraine can become a "big Israel" with its own face: implementation of Israel's experience in the formation of a strategy for ensuring the country's security;
● Technologies “at the frontline”: how Cyber technologies Are Changing the Landscape of Modern Warfare;
● Can a military lifestyle be safe: how Israel uses technologies to ensure the security of civilian infrastructure;
● Long-term dividends of the future: the role of technological talents in building innovative ecosystems in Israel and Ukraine.

Organizer: Israeli-Ukrainian technology platform Global Israel Initiative (GII)
Co-organizers: Embassy of Israel in Ukraine, Technology company AllSTARSIT, Venture Israel Foundation, VIZHU

UIIS2022 details:
Date: December 14
Venue: Centrum Giełdowe S.A. (Warsaw)
Time: 9:00 - 19:00
Format: offline event with inclusions from Tel Aviv and Kyiv
Additionally: online broadcast of the event

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*The organizers will use all the funds raised for online participation to help civilians, women and children affected by the war.

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